Personalized One-On-One Career Coaching

  • KPHR Advisors provides directed one-on-one career coaching with impact.
  • Our clients range from recent college graduates looking to develop and refine their early career goals to senior level executives as they navigate career transitions and realignments.
  • We tailor our services to your needs.

Assess your skills, experience and interests

  • Work with you to explore and understand your personal and career goals and objectives
  • Brainstorm and consider career trajectories and opportunities to pursue
  • Help you understand qualifications that are necessary for certain career paths, whether you meet them now or what steps you can take to move towards your goals


Create a winning resume and cover letter

  • Create and/or refine your resume
  • Write targeted, impactful cover letters

Develop a job search and job sourcing plan

  • Establish a job search plan, including setting up a daily/weekly routine
  • Develop a sourcing strategy
  • Explore job boards and non-traditional ways of finding potential opportunities
  • Learn how to approach your contacts, to build and maintain a strong career network
  • Update and optimize your LinkedIn profile

Hone your interview skills

  • Refine and polish your interviewing skills
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Develop an elevator pitch
  • Review job search etiquette and appropriate follow up actions

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