HR Consulting Services For Your Business

  • We partner with you to create a positive culture that allows your team to thrive. We help you develop and implement initiatives to build and retain a motivated and high performing workforce.
  • We assist you as you navigate people issues in your company and work with you to develop and implement solutions.
  • We provide practical, real world advice that incorporates HR best practices, is compliant with regulations and recognizes your business’s goals, needs and budgetary parameters.
  • We can work with you on a project or ongoing basis.

Management Coaching

KPHR supports you as you deal with the challenges that leaders face in developing, motivating and managing their employees. We will:

  • Help you fine-tune your management style to work with staff with a wide range of personalities, motivations and abilities.
  • Provide you with advice and tools so you can deliver clear and constructive performance feedback to your employees that will help them address issues and concerns while staying motivated and focused on the job.
  • Share tips on how to motivate and develop high performers and how to build and motivate a productive team.

Performance Management

KPHR helps you to create a consistent but agile process that can adapt quickly to changing business priorities. We can:

  • Assess your current performance management system or help you to develop and implement a new one based on your goals and values.
  • Provide guidance on how to communicate valuable and developmental feedback to your employees while keeping them motivated and focused on their goals.

Employee Relations & Investigations

KPHR advises and supports you with your employee relations issues and challenges, including:

  • Workplace Investigations
  • Crisis Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Grievances
  • Climate Surveys & Action Plans

Talent Acquisition

KPHR works with you to assess and address your talent needs. We can manage or assist with:

  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding new talent
  • Developing a talent pipeline
  • Training your staff on how to effectively source, assess and hire qualified employees


KPHR Advisors offers training on a variety of topics which we will tailor to your organization's needs. We provide new and seasoned manager training, compliance related training and team building activities to help you develop and encourage a positive work environment.

Management Training

  • Managing Performance — learn tools for encouraging your team to excel and for addressing performance concerns.
  • Implementing a Performance Management Assessment System — learn how to effectively develop goals, provide feedback and motivate staff.
  • Essential Skills for Managers — learn to effectively communicate and flex your management and personal style for impactful work relationships which motivate and empower employees with varying abilities and goals.
  • Effective Interviewing Skills — learn how to gather the most insightful information, select the best questions and avoid any legal pitfalls.
  • Developing a Management Pipeline — learn how to assess and retain existing talent, identify vulnerabilities and address them.

Compliance Training

  • Sexual Harrassment Prevention — how to create an environment free from harassment and discrimination in compliance with federal, state and local laws.
  • Respect at Work — professionalism, diversity, inclusion, respect.

Teambuilding Activities

  • Set goals and values for the team and learn how to work effectively together.
  • This can include both on and off site activities.

HR Policies, Procedures and Compliance

KPHR advises you on your organization's human resources policies and procedures, to achieve compliance with ever changing laws and evolving business needs, including:

  • Creating or updating Employee Handbooks
  • Developing new policies to support the workplace culture you want to achieve


KPHR helps you manage compensation in an era of transparency. we work with you to utilize various compensation tools and strategies to meet your business goals and to reward outstanding performance. KPHR can:

  • Evaluate FLSA (exempt/nonexempt) status
  • Review compensation levels for internal equity and external competitiveness
  • Explore how you differentiate job levels based on responsibilities and individual pay rates based on performance metrics
  • Advise on various aspects of total compensation to align activities towards meeting your business goals and rewarding outstanding performance


KPHR can provide outplacement for laid off employees, helping them to consider alternatives, prepare for their job search and move forward with their careers. Services include:

  • Individual career coaching
  • Group outplacement sessions

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