Learn how to navigate HR issues related to Covid-19, including handling complicated employee situations. How do you reopen and maintain a safe workplace where your employees feel comfortable, and that is compliant with federal, state and local regulations?

We can help you manage HR issues presented by Covid-19 including:

  • Working with you on developing plans through the different phases of reopening your workplace.
  • Helping you evaluate staffing levels, rehiring of furloughed or laid off employees.
  • Keeping you abreast of how recent and constantly changing legislation and guidelines impact your business.
  • Developing health questionnaires and processes for ascertaining whether employees have been exposed to or are ill with COVID-19 before and after their return to the workplace.
  • Developing, revising and communicating policies and protocols.
  • Assisting in navigating staffing, employee relations, health, safety, compliance, operational and logistical challenges and navigating your company’s new normal.
  • Sharing strategies on how to effectively manage remote employees.
  • Providing outplacement for laid off employees.

Download your checklist for returning employees to the workplace

As businesses plan to have employees, customers and clients return to their workplaces, there is an overwhelming amount of information to consider and a number of actions you can take to ensure their safety and avoid costly mistakes. KPHR Advisors has developed a checklist of areas for companies to address when developing their transition plans.

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